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Cannabis for the Treatment of PTSD

PTSD Treatment

Many Americans and veterans suffer from PTSD that impacts the daily quality of their life. Unfortunately, the treatment of PTSD can be complex and still require the patient to live with feelings of depression or pain. Cannabis is a powerful, emerging tool for the treatment of PTSD.

Does Cannabis Make a Difference in the Treatment of PTSD?

One study of Canadian citizens with PTSD found that patients who utilized cannabis for the treatment of PTSD experienced a 60-65% reduction in the odds of having a major depressive episode or thoughts of suicide. Another review of research by the NIH found that there seemed to be a correlation between a decrease in PTSD symptoms and the usage of medical marijuana. Research into THC for the treatment of PTSD found that a nighttime dose of THC reduced both the intensity and frequency of nightmares in a whopping 72% of patients.

Current Options for PTSD Patients

Currently, thanks to the advocacy of numerous veterans and healthcare professionals, PTSD is listed as a qualifying condition for state medical marijuana programs in numerous states. There are now 27 states that include PTSD on the list of conditions that can be treated with cannabis, and that number is constantly growing. Many of the scientists who are researching cannabis believe that the active compounds are what make a difference. Researchers are currently doing studies to closely see how THC and CBD assist with PTSD.

Much of why cannabis can be such a powerful tool for the treatment of PTSD can be seen when looking at the current process of treatment. There are no drugs designed for the treatment of PTSD, so many sufferers are asked to take a cocktail of different medications. If patients cannot stabilize symptoms, it is hard to benefit from traditional therapies like talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Many Canadian doctors have seen great progress in patients who utilize medical cannabis to decrease symptoms without side effects and then move into a place where they can take the next step in their recovery.

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