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"I had my initial MMC evaluation and certification with Jackie at the Whitemarsh office and it was a great experience!! Jackie is a caring and kind provider. I would highly recommend Baltimore Progressive Compassionate Care and all of their staff” ~ Erica

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  1. Dr. Weng understands pain relief. I take a lot of tylenol for specific pain. With the help of Dr. Weng’s Hemp Balm, I have had increased relief without the need for so much tylenol. Do I still take tylenol? Of course however, the Hemp Balm helps so very much that I actually have used it for my husband’s knee pain and he raved about it. There is nothing better in my opinion. Those things like Solanpas patches, or icy hot etc, have nothing on the Hemp Balm. I cannot thank Dr. Weng enough for his encouragement and support. And when he said “I promise you” I think he was right. Give it a try. I promise you, it helps!!


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